Exfoliation and massage system for the face and body

FACIAL CLEANSING AND MASSAGE SYSTEMIt’s time to think beyond the wash-cloth and elevate cleansing to a sonic level.

Traditional methods of cleansing do not get your skin as clean as you would think.

Modern sonic method of cleansing may cause excessive wear and tear on the skin for some people.

Erisonic uses vibrating pulsating technology and human body simulation technology to simulate anesthetic massage methods.

Erisonic provides adjustable 5 level of intensity to vibrate the brush using moderate frequency and 3 different modes; this makes for 15 different cleansing and massaging wave forms to meet almost everyone’s needs.

The resulting brush action removes dirt, makeup, oil, and skin impurities than cleansing with your hands alone and without causing excessive action on the skin.

Key Benefits:

Get healthier, cleaner, softer, younger looking skin from your very first treatment; smooth, Clean, Beautiful, and just like the skin it transforms.

Erisonic®’s patent vibrating pulsating technology works with skins natural elasticity to greatly remove impurities traditional methods leave behind, cleansing better, then your hand alone.

In just few minutes, the cleansing action removes impurities from the pores, so creams, serums, and moisturizers absorbed better.

With regular daily use you will notice a great reduction in dry patches, not only that you will also notice that oily areas and blemishes will disappear.

Cleaner skin is healthier skin and healthier skin is more radiant and more beautiful.

Top recommendation from dermatologists

Eriѕоniс® infuses vibrating pulsating cleansing with a harmonic blend of function and form. Sleek modern and intuitive; the cordless has clear LCD screen with back-lit, waterproof, showing three modes, five levels of adjustable intensity, a battery level indicator, a base charger plugged into the wall outlet is very convenient.